PrimeCAM™ is an advanced Dental-specific CAM that you can apply to virtually any

CNC mill. Standard features include Auto-nesting, auto-spruing, auto margin

marking, engraving of text or numbers, smart-milling paths to save time, implant

and bar, advanced 5-axis milling, and more. Training is done at your labs location

by experienced CAD/CAM techs. No manditory yearly fees. Have the freedom to

adjust the tools, strategy, and materials that suit your needs.


PrimeCAM™ integrates within PrimeCADfor ease of use. No longer necessary to

close one program and open another, while having to search for files. A very

user-friendly interface.


PrimeCAM™ works with B&D mills, imes, Roland, Primacon/3M ESPE Lava mills,

DMG, Datron, VHF, HAAS, and most all other mills. A Software to keep for life,

and one that will last and grow with your lab. Define your own tooling and

modify the millingstrategys, as well as use any material you want in your mill.


Add Dental Shaper™ CAD software to expand you labs capability by de-encrypting

locked Dental files, producing open-format .stl files. No more closed-systems!
Dental Shaper™ also has basic model-building tools to prepare a raw IOS scan file
into a water-tight mesh stl file, ready for model production.

- Custom fixtures to adapt materials
to most all CNC mill. Custom tooling
also is easy to manage with open
CAM software. The sky is the limit.


Dental Shaper is a Rhinoceros™ plug-in able to import many CAD

dental formats and to perform on the imported models some

actions like: interface’s insert on an implant, with axis and

orientation definition, extraction of the dental stump and relative

jaw’s cavity starting from the Intra-oral mesh scan, dental

crowns’ creation and more. Besides, thanks to the full integration

with the SUM3D Dental CAM it’s possible to send the performed

jobs to the module that generates the tool-paths.

Dental Shaper software is sold and distributed by Prime Dental Products.

Discount is applied when purchased with CAM software, or other products.


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